Savonlinja - Environmental responsibility

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Environmental responsibility

Public transport is the most environmentally friendly form of passenger transport. Public transport by bus is flexible in terms of timetables and routes and can be made to accommodate the passengers' transport needs in a way that burdens the environment as little as possible.

The most significant environmental impacts of our operations are due to exhaust emissions and noise pollution.

The environmental effects caused by the kilometres per passenger rate are primarily affected by the number of passengers.  We pay special attention to traffic planning in order to operate at the highest possible average loads.  We avoid driving empty buses whenever possible and select the most suitable and environmentally friendly bus for each journey.

Our buses are continuously refurbished and regularly serviced.  We monitor fuel consumption with the help of our IT system and keep our buses in safe and good condition through our service programme.  For deliveries of goods and the relocation of staff, we use our own regular route traffic whenever possible.

The training programme for our drivers includes obligatory driving style training, as well as training on quality and environmental systems.

We are committed to continuously improving and monitoring the above, preventing damage to the environment and following environmental laws and regulations.