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Customer benefits

Now is a great time to be a Savonlinja loyal customer!

By registering as a loyal customer of Savonlinja via the Meejo app or the online store, you get access to our loyal customer benefits. We continuously run campaigns for our registered Meejo customers, who also get access to different offers every month. You will also be among the first to hear about our new offers. 

Benefits of loyal customers

As a loyal customer of Savonlinja, you get to enjoy a range of benefits. You get a 5 % discount on long-distance transport within Finland and you don't need to pay 0,50 € service fee when purchasing a ticket. 

As a loyal customer you will receive regular offers and discounts on tickets. When you sign into the online store or the Linjalla app, you can see all our available offers under My Benefits. If there are new benefits available, these are also specified under My Benefits. You can view further details by selecting the relevant icon in the My Benefits section. Your benefit will be available in your shopping basket. An offer may not be immediately available, in which case it'll be marked Available soon.

If needed, as a loyal customer you can also change your ticket date or time with 7,50 € handling cost. You can change ticket through 'Own ticket' -section. 

Loyal customer benefits on spring 2020

As a loyal customer of Meejo, buy a ticket to Savonlinja journeys a 25% cheaper from Monday to Thursday. Booking and travel time is 2.3.-30.4.2020. You can use this benefit twice. The discount can not lower the price of a ticket under one euro.